Revelations Engineering Consultants undertakes design work for our Client’s oil and gas facilities.  This work can be undertaken at any stage of the design process, from the earliest phases of Conceptual Design through Detailed Design, operation and decommissioning.  The speciality of Revelations is during Conceptual Design, where the Client may have minimal information regarding their field, and requires assistance from Revelations in: identifying potential design parameters, outlining processing options, and determining export routes and requirements.  This type of ‘blank page’ starting point is where Revelations can add the greatest value to our Client.

However, Revelations can also undertake work during later design stages where we can optimise process designs to improve energy efficiency, or consider off-design operation (eg, start-up, shut-down, and late life operations) which the steady-state design may not have considered sufficiently.

Revelations can also undertake work on existing facilities, where remedial work is required to improve or expand operations or extend the facility life through modifications.  This can include site surveys for identification of site suitability, modification tie-in locations, and conducting operations interviews to determine current and future issues.

The role of Revelations Engineering Consultants is to identify our Client’s issues, current and future, or to assist our Client with issues brought before us.